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Human Resources

We all have those occasional employment related questions that arise. Here is a source to access answers to your most commonly asked questions.

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Health/Dental Insurance

When do my benefits begin?
First of the month coinciding with or next following the date of hire.

Is my doctor participating in our health plans?
You can check if your doctor is participating in our plans by visiting CIGNA’s website at www.cigna.com and click on Find a Doctor.

Is my dentist participating in our dental plans?
You can check if your dentist is participating in our plans by visiting Delta Dental’s website at https://www.nedelta.com/Home and click on Find a Dentist Near You under the Patients tab.

I have misplaced my health insurance ID card. How can I get replacement ID card?
Log into www.mycigna.com to verify your plan eligibility and/or coverage, and order a new ID card or print a temporary card

I have misplaced my dental insurance ID card. How can I get replacement ID card?
Log into https://www.nedelta.com/Home to verify your plan eligibility and/or coverage and order a new ID card or print a temporary card.

How/when can I add or drop health/dental/vision insurance coverage?
Generally, you can only add or drop health and/or dental insurance coverage during our plans open enrollment period, which is published each year for a January 1st effective date. However, if a change in you or your spouse’s employment or a change of family status occurs, such as marriage, divorce, birth, or death, then coverage may be added or dropped during the plan year provided the request is made within 30 days of the event and provided the appropriate paperwork is received from you.

How do I add a new baby or a new spouse to my insurance plans?
You must notify Human Resources within 30 days of the event.  You would then log into the Liazon BrightChoices Portal and initiate a Life Event.  You will be able to add any additional dependents to your insurance plans, upload appropriate documentation (birth certificate/marriage license, etc.) and enroll/unenroll in the insurance plans.  This Life Event is subject to approval by Human Resources with applicable documentation as noted.

Can I change my insurance elections mid year?
Changing coverage options is only allowed during open enrollment or as a result of specific ‘life events’ such as: marriage, divorce, death of a dependent family member, birth of a child, etc. You would then log into the Liazon BrightChoices Portal and initiate a Life Event.

Until what age are my dependent children covered for health/dental/vision insurance?
Dependent children of participating employees may stay on the plan through the age of 26.

I’m leaving employment with the College. When does my health/dental/vision insurance end?
For employees leaving the College, health/dental/vision care coverage ends the last day of the month in which you last worked. (Continuation coverage, at your cost for up to a period of 18 months, may be available under the COBRA law.)

Leave Time/Time Off

How many days off do I get for a death in my family?
Any regular full-time or regular part staff may take up to five (5) working days of bereavement leave upon request. This leave is to be used to make arrangements for and to attend services for an immediate family member. (Immediate family member is understood to include mother, father, spouse, child, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandparents, grandchildren, stepchildren, any minor child for whom the employee is standing in loco parentis; and any relative or significant other living in the household of the employee. Bereavement days are meant to be taken consecutively.

One (1) day may be taken to attend the funeral of other relatives of the employee or for any friend living in the household. If additional time is required, earned time may be used.

I want to take time off from work unpaid. Is it allowed?
You must have earned time available to be able to take time off (excluding FMLA). Under special circumstances you may request an exception through the Assistant Director Human Resources.

Life Insurance

Can I increase the amount of my supplemental life insurance coverage at any time?
Yes, you can elect to purchase supplemental life insurance up to seven times your salary at any time after first becoming eligible (this can be done electronically through Liazon BrightChoices Portal). If the coverage election is more than guaranteed issue of $150,000, the CIGNA Group Life Insurance Enrollment Form and EOI must also be completed.

Can I change my beneficiary at any time?
Yes, you may change your life insurance beneficiary at any time electronically through ADP .

Retirement Benefits

For all retirement questions, please see 403 (b) Pension.

Medical Reimbursement and Dependent Care Accounts

Provided is a link to GDI website (http://gdynamic.com/participants.html) to review all the information related to these two accounts.

Family Medical Leave

I need to be out of work for a serious health condition, what do I need to do to request it?
In keeping with the requirements of the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993, an eligible employee may take up to 12 work weeks of family medical leave (FMLA) in a 12 month period. You are required to give Human Resources 30 days notice of your need for family leave. You will be provided a packet of information that will detail the process.

I’m expecting a baby and need to be out of work. How much leave time am I entitled to and what do I need to do to request it?
Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you may be eligible for up to 12 weeks off for the birth of a child. To apply for the leave, you are required to give Human Resources 30 days notice of your need for family leave. You will be provided a packet of information that will detail the process.

My wife is expecting a baby. As a new father, am I entitled to any family leave?
Yes, for the birth of a child, a new parent may be eligible for up to 12 weeks of Family Medical Leave (FMLA). To apply for the leave, you are required to give Human Resources 30 days notice of your need for family leave. You will be provided a packet of information that will detail the process. Please note that if both parents are employed at the College, then they are entitled to a combined total of 12 work weeks of leave.

Worker’s Compensation

What is Worker’s Compensation?
Worker’s Compensation is a College paid program, which covers employees for loss of salary and medical expenses as a result of a work-related injury.

What is covered?
Doctor, hospital, and prescription costs are covered 100%. Worker’s Compensation also pays a percentage of your gross weekly wages if time lost from work exceeds more than seven consecutive days.

What should I do if I am injured at work?
All seriously injured personnel contact Security at ext. 7911 or 6687. Campus Security will respond and contact 911 for ambulance when necessary.

For non – emergency injuries employees should report to the Health and Wellness office for evaluation during their normal working hours. The medical staff member on duty will evaluate the symptoms or injury and recommend appropriate follow-up. If further medical attention is recommended, the Human Resource Office will refer the employee to the College’s Preferred Provider for evaluation.

Employee must complete an incident/accident form within 24 hours and submit it to the Human Resources Office. A follow up supervisor investigation report must be submitted to human resources within 72 hours.

How does Worker’s Compensation coordinate with my earned time, long term illness and Family Medical leave?
Worker’s Compensation runs concurrently with the provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Maine law has a seven day waiting period for lost time claims. Those 7 days out of work will be charged to Long Term Illness (LTI). Examples: if there were ten days of lost time, worker’s compensation will pay for three of the ten days; if there were 14 days of lost time worker’s compensation will pay retro back to the date of injury. Employees will need to make arrangements with HR to repay the College for the long term illness previously compensated for.


How do I know if my workstation is set up properly?
Contact Human Resources (207-893-7753) to request an ergonomic audit of your workstation. A recommendation will be made to your supervisor based on the outcome of the audit.

Where would I search on our website for Employee Handbook and Policy information?
Click on the Handbooks & Policies link on the left side of any Human Resources web page.

What do I need to do if I am called for Jury Duty?
Employees who, during their regular working hours, actively serving on jury duty or are under subpoena as a witness, when not a principal, continue to receive their regular pay. When requesting jury duty pay, employees should attach a copy of their subpoena to their time sheet.  Supervisors must enter Jury Duty hours into the ADP system for any employee who is out for this reason. Employees shall return to work within a reasonable time on days released from such duty. Any court travel reimbursement may be kept by the employee.


Student Employment

Student Employment

How do I know what jobs are available?
You may review job openings on the Careers at SJC page.

How do I apply for federal work-study or student payroll jobs?

  • Go to the Careers at SJC, in the footer of the page
  • Scroll down and click Students; all available positions are posted there.
  • Click on the position of interest and follow the links to apply for the position

You need to fill out the application completely. You are not done until you have electronically signed the pre-employment statement at the end. Once you have typed in your name and the date, your application is complete and will be available for the supervisor to review.

The hiring supervisor will contact you if they wish to schedule an interview.

Once I have been interviewed what happens next?
The hiring supervisor will  inform you and Human Resources if they wish to hire you. You will receive official notification from Human Resources once you are hired. You cannot begin working until you have been notified in writing from Human Resources and have completed all of your hiring paperwork.

What does the hiring paperwork consist of?
You will need to complete a personnel information form, I-9 form for Immigration and Naturalization (This requires us to verify certain credentials for employment eligibility. Please bring sufficient original identification with you to complete this. The last page of the form lists acceptable forms of ID. The most common credentials we see are: a US Passport or US Passport Card; or a Driver’s License and original Social Security Card; or a Driver’s License and original Birth Certificate), W-4 forms, direct deposit and confidentiality statement.

Is there anything else that is needed? 
Yes, State and federal mandates require all new employees to complete Sexual Harassment and Hazard Communications training prior to starting work. Additional training may be required depending on the particular position.  You may not begin working until all your hiring paperwork has been completed, received and reviewed by the Human Resources Office.


How do I apply for a position?
To apply for a position, please go to our Careers at SJC website. We require that you complete the online application in its entirety making sure you read and sign the Pre-Employment Statement at the end of the application. You may attach your cover letter and resume to the online application.

How long do you keep my application/résumé on file?
We are required to keep your application/résumé on file in our recruitment database for 2 years. Each time you wish to be considered for a different position, please log back into your electronic application and assign it to the new position of interest.

I sent my application materials by e-mail, but how will I know if you received them?
Applications via email are not accepted.  Each applicant must complete the online application on our Careers at SJC page in order to be considered for an opening.

If I’ve sent in my resume, why do I have to complete an application form?
Each applicant must complete the online application on our Careers at SJC page in order to be considered for an opening.

Who should I use as a reference?
We are looking for professional references, people who have worked with you and can tell us about your work performance. Family and friends are not what we are looking for.

Can I send in my application materials even though you don’t currently have an opening I’m interested in?
We prefer that you wait until we have an opening you are qualified for.

Where is Human Resources?
We are located on the ground floor of Cassidy Hall. Come in and press our doorbell button if the front desk is unmanned.

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