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ADP Workforce Now Updates


In a continuous effort to improve user experience and increase security, ADP® has implemented another wave of enhancements to Workforce Now®. ADP® has made the following updates to their system, and you may encounter these changes:

Risk-Based Multifactor Authentication
This feature enhances security on your ADP Workforce Now account, as well as prevent account takeovers. Note: Not all users will be challenged at login. Only if the login behavior changes, will the user then be challenged.

Multifactor Authentication Walkthrough
Step 1: At login, employee successfully enters a valid User ID and password using One Login Page

Step 2: ADP will start evaluating risk at login for Self-service users and then based on risk score will prompt the user for multifactor authentication. The employee will be presented with a list of their contact information that ADP has on file (such as email address or mobile number)

Step 3: The user selects the contact channel to send the code to. The code is received by the user, who enters the valid code on the screen – Then user login (3 tries are allowed)

The NEW ADP® Mobile Solutions Experience
ADP Mobile Solutions users can now experience a new look-and-feel, faster performance, as well as personalized content and tasks that will bring employees an advanced yet engaging app experience!

What to expect:

  • Streamlined navigation for easier, faster access to core features and functionality
  • Reimagined mobile app home screen with consolidated information for viewing what is most important to you
  • Seamless transition to this new experience – this will work based on your existing configuration and setup

Core feature pages and functionality will remain the same. The new mobile experience works based on your existing system configuration, so no new configurations or setups are required to use the redesigned mobile app.

In addition, there will be no changes to the way the mobile app is downloaded and installed, and push alerts and app notifications will continue to function as they do today.

Please reach out to Human Resources at humanresources@sjcme.edu with any questions.