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Cyber Security Tips


Worried about safeguarding your plan information? We’re here to help.

Corebridge is committed to protecting your account with strong firewalls, encryption, secure email, and preemptive round the clock surveillance. But it takes a commitment from you as the first line of defense to help fully protect your account from fraud and cyber attempts.

Here are some tips and key features you can use to better safeguard your account:

Complete your online registration

You can access your retirement account online safely and securely through our online experience. You can make transactions, check balances and more in a protected environment. Just click “Register” on the homepage of corebridgefinancial.com/retirementservices.

Manage strong complex passwords

Use combinations that include numbers, characters, and letters to help make your password more challenging to “crack” and use different passwords for all of your accounts.

Enroll in E-Delivery

Select to receive your account statements and sensitive plan information electronically. Just log into your account and select “e-delivery” from the drop-down menu.

Leverage Multi-Factor Authentication

You will receive a security code via text or email when engaging our digital tools or call center to verify who is accessing the account.

Enable Mobile App Securities

Both finger and facial print biometrics are available on our mobile app to help you quickly and securely access your account information from your personal devices.

Securely Share Documents

Use the Message Center to send to and receive important plan documents securely.

Practice Caution

Carefully guard personal information when asked from unknown numbers and never provide sensitive data on similar sites.

Be Data Vigilant

Ensure all contact information remains up-to-date and check your accounts frequently to monitor for activity.

Employ Safe Computer Practices

Turn on auto updates for patches, try not to review or check financials on public WiFi or hotspots, and be suspicious of unknown emails and embedded links.

Our Account Responsibility

Account protection is a partnership. You have a role to play in the protection of your accounts by taking appropriate actions and using safe practices to defend against cyber and fraud attempts. In the event assets are taken from an account, under no fault of your own, we will replace the full value to make your accounts whole. Not taking advantage of these safety features may affect the replacement of assets; see account protection responsibility terms for details.

To learn more about our safety features and our account protection responsibility, please visit our security center website.

To streamline management of your account and simplify access to important information, register your account online today.

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