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“One of my most memorable moments as a teacher was watching a student display compassion, respect, and honor to a stranger and a deceased soldier,” said Stokes. “It took place at the Maine Veteran’s Memorial where our students were cleaning headstones for Memorial Day as part of our project-based learning. One of the students went up to a stranger and helped the man clean the headstone he was there paying his respects to. This started a chain reaction and other students began helping families and friends clean loved one’s headstones, and that moment will be etched in my mind forever.”

Emily Stokes, 2001 Elementary Education
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Alumna Emily Stokes helps develop tomorrow’s community leaders


Emily Stokes ’01 elementary education, is a sixth-grade teacher at Windham Middle School and teaches both English Language Arts and Social Studies. She’s worked in education for 20 years and says what keeps her motivated are the students. It’s all about the students.

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