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Using Doggie Dates and Online Support through the Counseling Center


WMTW Channel 8 was on campus interviewing the Counseling Center’s clinical director David Lischer about how the College uses online support (the Togetherall program) and doggie dates to address mental health.

⇒ Watch the video on WMTW


Learn more about Togetherall

Togetherall provides a safe, anonymous online community for sharing thoughts and feelings. Students can both receive and provide support, feeding their own wellbeing as well as others. In the Togetherall global community, people have each others’ backs 24/7 all the while being safely monitored by licensed and registered mental health practitioners. Saint Joe’s recognizes that a student’s well-being, including their mental health, is critical to their success. Togetherall reflects the College’s commitment to our students.

The Togetherall platform is provided free for all SJC students. Students sign up using their SJC email. Watch the video below to learn how Togetherall works.

To learn more about the services the Counseling Center offers, visit https://my.sjcme.edu/resources/student-services/counseling-center/.