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Deep Listening- A conversation with Kimberly Post


The first episode of Interdisciplinary Investigations Podcasts by our very own Kimberly Post

Kimberly Post is an Assistant Professor and Program Director of the Center for Sustainable Communities.

“In our first season of this podcast, we will focus on the subjective and phenomenological experience of listening. The foundation of our investigation focuses on making sense of the world through the sounds, and lack of sounds, that we encounter in our daily interactions. How do we hear these sounds and how do we create meaning from them? How does listening help us understand the world and our place in it?

As educators, artists, musicians, scientists, contemplative practitioners, scholars, and activists, the individuals highlighted in this inaugural season have tracked the importance of careful and engaged listening in a world that seems to enable scattered attention, disengagement and displacement. Our conversations grapple with topics related to ways of cultivating deep listening; the powers of silence and contemplation; experiences of listening to sounds from the natural world; the restorative aspects of sound; and how traumatic experiences impact our relationship with sound. Each story shared is personal and intimate, but also much larger than each one of us. The insights shared reveal great lessons in the stories of sound.”

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