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Our heartfelt thank you during nursing month


May is National Nurses Month. At Saint Joseph’s, we are fortunate to witness our campus students students with the desire to help others develop into nurses over their years here. We marvel at our online nursing students earning their bachelor’s or advancing their careers by earning a master’s in nursing, family nurse practitioner, or nurse practitioner, often while working and raising their family.

Our nursing alums go off into the health care field and bring their passion and commitment with them. They work tirelessly as strong, caring advocates for their patients.

Saint Joseph’s is also blessed to have wonderful nursing faculty from campus faculty, to adjunct and online faculty, to clinical faculty, and to supportive nursing staff. We want to thank all our nursing faculty for the exceptional job they do teaching and instructing the next generation of nurses.

“The professors in the theory classes really help you to understand what you’re experiencing in the clinical aspects of it and they help you to analyze what you experience and what you might have missed and they really help you open up your mind and see the whole picture of a patient.” — Jonathan Beal ’20 FNP

“Professors are great and will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. They respond to emails quickly, you can meet with them during office hours and they’ll sit down with you to work one on one. They’ll even make a plan starting your first year on how to pass your NCLEX.” — Danielle Vermette ’22 BSN

To all of our nursing students, nursing alumni, nursing faculty + staff, thank you for all you do! heart icon