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This summer boost your GPA, earn more credits, and spend less.


SJC is offering six Maymester courses, all online, in a six-week intensive format. And we’re making Maymester more cost-effective than ever—sign up now for just $150 per credit hour (that’s about $600 per course!).


EH 221: Stephen King (4 credits) Professor Wendy Galgan
Stephen King has spent his career scaring people, but at the heart of his stories lies the most important issue human beings face, the problem of good and evil. In this course, we will read about supernatural beings and bullies, hauntings and violence, and everyday people facing the most important moral decisions of their lives. Over it all hangs the question King continually asks his readers to consider: Who are the real monsters?

PH 219: Ethics & The Good Society (4 Credits) Professor Jake Thibault
Ethics & The Good Society offers a unique approach to the age-old question of what makes a life good, drawing from philosophy, psychology, and spirituality to provide practical insights and actionable steps. Whether you’re seeking to improve your relationships, become a better citizen, or simply live a more meaningful and contented life, Ethics & The Good Society is a valuable class for anyone looking to lead a genuinely magnanimous life in modern society.

HPS 421: The History of Crime & Punishment (4 Credits) Professor Dale Brooker
The best ways to respond to crime and criminality has long been a debate in societies across the world. This course takes the learner deeper into the annals of history to examine the philosophical and sociological underpinnings of punishment. From the barbaric mutilation of the body, to banishment, and to the incarceration of the soul, this course considers where humanity has come from in responding to crime and what pathways may lay ahead.

TH 309: Theology of the Body (4 credits) Professor Jake Thibault
This engaging and transformative course explores the profound insights of the Theology of the Body, a dynamic and comprehensive vision of human existence presented by St. John Paul II. Through a series of lectures and discussions, we will delve into the rich tapestry of teachings that reveal the intrinsic beauty and purpose of the human body, sexuality, and relationships as envisioned within Christian anthropology.

PY408: Life Architecture (4 credits) Professor Susan Mangan
The purpose of this course is to help prepare you for the adult world, including finding a meaningful career path and overall how to focus your energy in a way that will make your life more fulfilling, purposeful, and fun! The course covers three primary aims: 1.  Who am I, what am I good at, and what do I want to do with my life?; 2.  Adult life skills 101, and 3.  Getting down to brass tax.

MK 500: Strategic Marketing (3 Credits) Professor John Kenneally
This graduate level course will require students to integrate strategy with marketing and apply a systems-thinking approach to the development of a brand that aligns with organizational strategy and core ideology.  Significant focus will be placed on sustainability and innovation, as well as the impact of dynamic environments and hypercompetitive markets.

Courses run from May 13 to June 23. Registration opens on April 3. Get in early to secure your spot!

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