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Tiffany Boyd ’09/’22: a health administration career launched – and advanced – at Saint Joe’s


Double alumna Tiffany Boyd is the Senior Director of Acute Care and Care Management at the Cheshire Medical Center in New Hampshire. According to the Keene Sentinel, she works to ensure the hospital emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to patient care, prioritizes their emotional and social well-being and partners with external community partners to address broader social determinants of health. And it’s this holistic approach that has earned her a nomination for the The Sentinel’s Trendsetter award.

“In every way, Tiffany has dedicated herself to the nursing profession and our community and makes New Hampshire a better place,” Atwell wrote in her nomination letter. “At the heart of this work and the mission of the role is patient satisfaction. In this role she is engaged in creating a health care environment where patients receive the highest quality care but also compassionate and holistic support. Her dedicated commitment to leadership, nursing, and the continued improvement of the quality of care is exemplified in everything she does.”

Tiffany started her nursing career as a student at Saint Joe’s and graduated with her BSN in 2009. Later, following a health tragedy, Tiffany gained a new perspective as she navigated the health care system: as a patient, parent and advocate. This is where she learned how overwhelming health care experiences can be. This eventually lead her to graduate in 2022 from Saint Joseph’s with a Master’s in Health Care Administration. And now she is on track to complete a doctorate degree from Quinnipiac University this year.

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Photo and most content from Keene Sentinel.