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Career Studio’s Tips for Getting the Most Out of Summer Vacation.


Hone relevant skills at work or during your internship

  • Request the opportunity to job shadow a senior employee;
  • Work with your supervisor to undertake new responsibilities;
  • Identify skills that you bring to the table—what do your coworkers remember about working with you specifically?

Revisit your resume

  • Update your professional experience section to include newer, relevant roles;
  • Reconsider older positions and/or high school information—is this information reflective and relevant to your professional identity?
  • Ask someone you trust for feedback.

Rest, relax, and recharge

  • Read a book—for fun;
  • Reconnect with friends and family;
  • Spend time outside!

Stay well and take care, and as always, please contact careerstudio@sjcme.edu with any questions or concerns along the way!

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