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Faculty Advising for Student Online Course Request

Faculty & Staff

2022/2023 Faculty Advising for Online Course Request

If an on-campus advisee is interested in requesting an online course, please refer them to the Online Course Request student page.

Student Requirements

  • Must be a sophomore, junior or senior; priority will be given to graduating seniors.
  • Class level requirement waived for summer semester enrollment only.
  • Must meet GPA requirements. Sophomores & Juniors: 3.0 or higher, Seniors: 2.8 or higher.
  • May be approved for only one (1) online course in the Fall/Spring semester.
  • May enroll in two (2) online courses (based on availability) in the Summer Semester with faculty advisor permission and full out of pocket payment.
  • Student must complete the Online Course Registration Request Online Form

On-Campus Faculty Advisor Steps

  1. Connect with student to discuss course options and online equivalents
  2. Verify a student meets necessary requirements before referring to online site for detailed student information, resources, FAQ’s and to complete the online course request form. If your student needs an exception, please proceed with the online student request form and you will be able to select “request an exception” from the drop down menu when asked for your approval.
  3. Ensure the student has an action plan if online course is unavailable
  4. Use the online SharePoint system to Approve, Deny, or Request exception once the email request has been received.

SharePoint: Upon submission from the advisee of the online course registration request form an email will automatically be sent to your SJC email they entered on the form as their on campus advisor to notify you that an request has been submitted and is pending your review and Approve, Deny, or Request exception.

Subject: Advising: Online Course Registration Requested by (Students Last Name)

Please follow the instructions below to record a decision for the following student:

  • Student Name:
  • First Course Requested:


  1. Click Here to open the student’s application for request.
  2. Select Edit Item in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Enter your name and title.
  4. Select the Status.
  5. Enter any notes needed.
  6. Select Save in the upper left-hand corner.


What is an ONLINE Course?

This type of course is hosted through the online college on the BrightSpace platform and follows the 10 week online format. Students should plan on setting aside twelve to fifteen hours a week to be successful. The courses will usually have a number of written assignments, quizzes and tests, as well as discussion board participation with the instructor and classmates. Assignments will have specific due dates, but they can complete them at times that are convenient for them. Students are not required to be logged on to the course at certain times of day. The student will need to request this course in SharePoint with the online course request form.

What is a REMOTE Course?

This is a campus course taught by an on campus instructor, that is held on Brightspace and does not require on campus classroom attendance. However, it may require set days and times to be logged on remotely depending on the course and instructor. As an on campus REMOTE course, it will follow the same start and end dates as your fall on campus term. The student will self-register for this type of course.

Why is it important to list more than one course choice? 

On campus students are allowed up to 5 seats in each online course. However, for high demand courses like the philosophy electives that is only 10 seats total so if the first choice isn’t available students have a better chance securing an online class overall if they have more flexibility.

What is the out of pocket cost for a 2023 online summer course? 

Online undergraduate courses are 3 credits at $378 per credit for 2023 a course cost of $1134 to be paid in full out of pocket at registration to secure an available seat. Please note: Students may not use Financial Aid or a tuition installment plan to cover summer tuition.

What is my out of pocket cost for an online Fall & Spring course? 

An online fall course can be included in student schedules up to the on-campus maximum of 19 credits for no additional cost. If students are over 19 credits they are responsible to get the Dean’s approval and pay on campus credit overload fee per credit.

What are the most common requests?

** students may not take TH 100 or EH 100 levels course online at SJC






Important dates for 2022/2023

Online Campus Course Start & End Dates Deadline: Submission request Deadline: Approval or Denial Withdrawal w/o penalty
Online 10 Wk Oct 22:
Start: Wed 10/12/22
End: Tue 12/20/22
8/26/22 9/1/22 11/15/22
Online 10 Wk Mar 23
Start: Wed 03/15/23
End: Tue 05/23/23**
1/13/23 1/22/23 4/18/23
Online 10 Wk May 23
Start: Wed 05/24/23
End: Tue 08/1/23
5/11/23 5/20/23 6/28/23

** Please note: Spring online term options are NOT recommended for graduating seniors. Seniors will be shifted to September 1st graduation if enrolled in a spring online course needed to complete degree as spring online courses end after May campus graduation.

Faculty Resources

Online Course Catalog– courses offered (not all will be run every term)

Online Course Registration Request Online Form– Direct link to SharePoint online request



Tanya Iverson | Senior Academic Advisor & Campus Enrollment Liaison