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The Critical Concern of Anti-Racism


This year’s goal is to introduce the #SaintJoesMaine community to important concepts related to this critical concern.

Held annually in September, Mercy Week celebrates Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy which founded the College, our Mercy identity and heritage, and the many expressions of Mercy as a Saint Joseph’s College community. Mercy Week is sponsored by the Office of Sponsorship and Mission Integration, is planned and organized by a College-wide Work Group and includes diverse programs and opportunities for College-wide engagement in partnership with departments from across campus. Each year Mercy Week focuses on one of the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy. This year the focus is on the Critical Concern of Anti-Racism.


This year’s events focus on:

  • What is Systemic Racism?
  • What is Anti-Racism?
  • What is White Privilege?
  • What is an Ally?

Fulfilling President Dr. Dlugos’ “Call to Action against Racism”

A new initiative this year is the College’s commitment to “identify additional scholarships and financial assistance to support students from under-represented communities.” Fundraising for the House of Mercy Fund will now take place during Mercy Week each year.

Follow along with help from our Mercy Week portal, including a schedule of virtual events, keynote speakers, and more anti-racism educational tools.

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