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4 Tips for Self-improvement


Restore Resilience by zillion logoTake steps toward who you inspire to be.

1. Evaluate Your Goals

Make sure they are achievable but aspirational. Include a time frame and a way of measuring your results. For example, “I want to lose 10lbs in 3 months.”

2. Determine Your Why

What is your driving factor for your goals? Develop an internal motivator such as “I want to have energy to play with my kids”, or “I want to have more self-confidence.”

3. Take a Small Action Daily

Each day, perform one small habit that is in pursuit of your goals. If you want to grow mindfulness, try meditating for 2 minutes before you get out of bed.

4. Find Accountability

When you have supporters around you, it makes it much easier to achieve your goals. Ask a partner, a friend, or a health coach to check in on you and encourage you to keep going. RestoreResilience coaches are here for you!

Pursue your goals and access your own health coach with RestoreResilience  restoreresilience.com/saintjosephscollege  Use Group ID “sjcmresilience” during enrollment.

SECURE AND CONFIDENTIAL: RestoreResilience is delivered on a highly-secure, HIPAA-compliant platform and therefore all personal health information (PHI) will remain safe and confidential. Additionally, since Zillion is a 3rd-party solution provider, participation within the program is also confidential and no information will be accessible by your health insurance provider.