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“Psychology has allowed me to reach beyond the education of criminal justice and understand the deeper meaning behind cognition and reasoning for people to behave the way that they do. I feel that this will separate me from other officers as I carry this deeper understanding.”

Adam Martin ’23
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Adam Martin ’23 combines Psychology with Criminal Justice


Senior Adam Martin says his journey at Saint Joseph’s actually started with choosing Criminal Justice as his major as he knew he wanted to get into a career in law enforcement. But what made him combine Criminal Justice with Psychology?

“I chose Psychology because I wanted to go beyond the realm of learning laws and how to enforce them. I want to understand more about how people think and why people have the habits and behaviors that they do. This has not only helped me to better understand that but has allowed for me to learn so much about myself too. I have learned the best environments that I learn in and I have learned how to properly engage and interact with others. These are all huge tools I can put in my toolbox when I enter my career in law enforcement.”

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Post note: Adam has been hired by the Vermont State Police and after graduation he’ll head to the academy for training. Congrats to Adam!