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All life is sacred. Black lives more than matter.


US Catholic article written by Christina Zaker

Black Lives Matter and the preferential option for the poor.

Have you ever played Monopoly; you know that quintessential American game about buying properties and amassing wealth? The website Teaching Tolerance offers a unique way to consider the capitalist structures at the core of the game with an adaption that takes a hard look at the racial history of the United States. “Monopoly Across the Racial Divide” highlights the “rules of the game”—or the systems and structures in U.S. society—that have oppressed people of color for generations.

“By claiming Black Lives Matter we are professing the constitutive element of our faith and making an effort to take upon our own shoulders the burdens of those who have experienced oppression through generations in our country. We as Catholics are called to stand with those who have been left behind as a witness to God’s justice and love.”

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Photo: Unsplash/Ben Dutton