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Christopher Piccuito’s student research paper is published in Respiratory Care Journal.


Recently, Christopher Piccuito ’22 Master of Science in Education, Assistant Director, Respiratory Care Services, at Mass General Hospital, had his senior capstone research project “New Graduate Respiratory Therapists’ Perceptions of their Transition to Practice” published in the April 2023 issue of Respiratory Care. His results showed that the majority of respondents experienced a successful transition to practice but faced many barriers. Their orientation did not provide enough experience and exposure to gain confidence in critical skills and procedures. They also experienced stress due to Covid-19 and interpersonal relationships, felt overwhelmed by their workload, and were subject to negative workplace behavior.

How will his research results impact the future of respiratory therapists and patients? Christopher says, “Having my research published made me feel a strong sense of accomplishment. All my coursework prepared me well to conduct and write this research project. The results of my capstone revealed how new graduate respiratory therapists felt about their transition to practice and identified several barriers to success. Respiratory care leaders can use these results to survey their recent graduates and improve their orientation programs. Enhanced training programs can lead to improved patient safety and outcomes.”

As a student in the Master of Science in Education program, his favorite course was educational leadership because it helped him to identify his strengths and weaknesses as a leader. He also learned the essential skill of listening. Listening to the staff is the key to understanding the team’s successes and areas that need improvement. It also allows him to understand what motivates each individual and how he can help them develop professionally.

What does the future hold for Chris? He says, “I am excited to continue learning. We have a saying in our department, ‘learn something new every day.’ When teaching new respiratory therapists, I learn as much from them as they do from me. I plan on using all that I have learned from the Saint Joseph’s College MSEd program to become a professor in a respiratory therapy program. I also plan on continuing my research about the transition to practice for respiratory therapists.”