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“My chemistry classes have helped to prepare me very well for this internship, especially Dr. Lesher's Analytical Chemistry course. Many of the concepts and methods I learned in that course are directly applicable to the work I am doing during the summer. Having hands-on experiences in labs prior to my internship has provided me with many valuable skills.”

- Hanna Holden '23 Biochemistry
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Hanna Holden ’23 Biochemistry, interning with Lakes Environmental Association


Hanna Holden interning in the LEA labFor the second summer, Hanna, a biochemistry major also studying sustainability, is interning with the LEA (Lakes Environmental Association) as a lab intern. She’s working on the total phosphorus and chlorophyll analysis on the 40 lakes in LEA’s service area and has done some field work including water sampling and buoy maintenance.

She says, “Through interning for the LEA, I have found a strong interest in pursuing the Natural Resources field, where I can continue to apply my chemistry background towards environmental conservation. I am interested in continuing my education in graduate school as well.

I am so thankful to have incredible professors and lab instructors that have helped prepare me to intern at a great organization. Through working for Dr. Ben Peierls at LEA, I have learned a lot of lake science, chemistry, and many skills that will benefit me greatly in the science field after college.”

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