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Delays & Closures


In the event that an instructor cancels a class or inclement weather postpones or closes the College, there are several ways information about such delays or cancellations will be communicated to the College community.


The College maintains a School and Class Cancellation Center phone line, which is updated as needed. To check the status of a class or the College, dial 207-893-3333. A prerecorded message will provide all available information.


In the event of a delay or closure of the College, a Campus Email will be sent out to the entire College community. This email will provide either the time by which the College will open or the date, should the closure affect one or more days.

College Website

In the event that inclement weather or an emergency delays or closes the College, a message will be posted on the mySJC or our Alert Blog.

Text/Voicemail Messaging

The Office of Public Safety maintains a voicemail and messaging service. Should the College be delayed in opening or be closed for a specific amount of time, a message will be sent to student, staff, and faculty phone numbers as listed in the College’s records.

Local Media

In the event of a delay in opening or a College closure, local media outlets will run the specifics of the delay/opening. These outlets include:


WCSH-TV, Channel 6
WVII-ABC, Channel 7
WMTW-TV, Channel 8
WGME-TV, Channel 13
WFVX-Fox, Channel 22


WPOR, 101.9 FM
WMGX, 93.1 FM
WGAN, 560 AM
WYNZ, 100.9 FM

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