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Monk Bucks


SJC’s Account Management System (AMS) is able to:
  • Track your Meal Plan balances
  • Add Monk Bucks instantly to your account for use at all of the food locations
  • See a summary of all of your Monk Bucks transactions
  • View and print receipts for all of your transactions
  • Set up automatic replenishment of Monk Bucks when your account gets below a set amount

Go to the following link to access or set up your login information: monkbucks.sjcme.edu.

New User?

If you haven’t set up a new account, look for and select the Sign Up link and form like the one below will open.

First create your account ID. The student/employee ID number is required. It can be found on the upper left hand corner of your SJC ID card. Use only the first nine digits should the card show ten. Complete by adding your SJC email and creating a password. Select the Sign up button when done.ID_Example for POS

Once the account is created, students may share the login information with parents or other family members who may want to add money to their Monk Bucks account.

NOTENormally you should never share account login information with anyone, but in this case the only information available is transaction history and balances. You should still be careful to only share the information with a trusted family member with whom you don’t mind having access. Without logging in, no one will be able to see your account or add money to it.



Q.) I tried to sign up and got the following message: This account is not in the system yet. Please contact the store admin.

A.) Usually, this is due to the wrong College ID number being entered into the form. Your ID number is only 9 digits long. In the past when IDs were issued, a tenth digit was added to keep track of how many cards were created. So make sure you are only entering 9 digits and ignore the 10th if one exists.

Q.) I tried to log into the Monk Bucks Portal and got the following message: This account is not in the system yet. Please contact the store admin.

A.) This usually means you have not signed up yet for a Monk Bucks Portal account. It knows this because it needs an email address in order to help in case you forget your password. Click on the sign up link (see above instructions) to gain access to the portal.

Q.) Can I use my credit card at the various food services and the campus store?

A.) Yes!


Please contact the iTeam if you have any questions.

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