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Check Requests Policy



A check request form is needed in order to pay for goods or services is when there is no vendor invoice, registration form, or other form of remittance advice. Check request forms must be properly completed to include the date the check is requested, the payee name, amount, applicable expense code, and the business purpose. A completed W9 form must also be attached to the request, and the forms must be signed and authorized for payment by the supervisor or department head. Contact the Treasurer’s Office to determine if there is currently a W-9 on file for this vendor.

If a check is being requested to pay an independent contractor, such as a lecturer, performer, or consultant the request must also accompany an executed Engagement Letter or Contract and completed Form W-9 from the contracting party.

General Comments

The Treasurer’s Office processes checks bi-weekly to be mailed or distributed on Friday. To meet this deadline, all Check Requests and Expense Reimbursement Report forms must be received by Friday of the previous week.

Policy Review updated 4-2019.


Check Request Form

W-9 Form

Engagement Letter for Speakers and Performers (doc)

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