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College Credit Card Policy



The primary purpose of the SJC credit cards is for covering travel-related expenses. Our preferred method for paying vendors is via our accounts payable system with either a check or ACH payment. The Accounts Payable system gives us a full history of Vendor activity. This avoids duplicate payments and provides our IA team with valuable potential donor information. We have company accounts and established terms with many vendors. (Examples: Lowes, Home Depot, Enterprise, Prime Time Sports) Please check with our Accounts Payable Specialist prior to using your card to make a purchase.College credit card purchases for personal items, alcohol or personal services are generally not permitted. Furthermore, any personal charges or charges that are not substantiated and include proper receipts will be the responsibility of the employee.Do not use your credit card to purchase business-related items at Saint Joseph’s College businesses. (C-Store, Alfond Center, Pearson’s Café, Brewed Awakenings, etc.) Simply ask the cashier to charge your department.Upon termination of employment, your SJC credit card must be turned in to Human Resources, the Treasurer’s Office, or your supervisor before your final day of work.

General Comments

Expense Receipts

  • Original itemized receipts are required to substantiate all College purchases, including those for credit card purchases, lodging, restaurants, travel, expense reimbursements and cash advances. A detailed explanation of the business justification for the purchase must also accompany expense receipts.
  • In the event of a lost receipt, please complete and submit an Affidavit of Lost Receipt Form.
  • If a receipt (or Affidavit of Lost Receipt) is not submitted, the employee will be responsible for the amount of the charge if a College credit card was used, and will not be reimbursed for the expense if submitted on a Travel & Expense Reimbursement Report form.
  • Note that items of a personal nature (movie rentals, personal items from a hotel gift shop, general incidentals, etc.) are not considered to be College expenses and any such expenses incurred are deemed the responsibility of the employee.


  • Food/meals ordered for business meetings will not be covered by the College unless pre-approved by the appropriate Leadership Team member. This statement does not apply to expenses for meals for employees who are traveling on business; in these instances, the Travel, Conferences and Expense Reimbursement Policy is applied.
  • Itemized restaurant or food vendor receipts are required for meals for College employee(s) and must include the names of the individuals present, their business relationship, and the business purpose. A credit card receipt alone will not be accepted. Alcohol purchased during meals while traveling is generally not considered a business expense, unless a business purpose has previously been properly documented, reviewed and approved as stated below.


  • Alcohol is generally not considered a business expense, unless a business purpose has previously been properly documented, reviewed and pre-approved by the appropriate Leadership Team member.
  • Any alcohol that is purchased for staff or faculty consumption must be also pre-approved by the appropriate Leadership Team member.
  • Any non-approved alcohol costs incurred by a staff or faculty member will be the responsibility of that employee.


SJC’s  Key2Purchase KeyBank systems allows for electronic processing of credit card expense reporting. This new tool enhances workflow. You will now be able to submit a paperless report, remotely.

Instructions for Key2Purchase Coding and Approving

  • Credit Card holders will login to the Key2Purchase portal to review all charges, complete departmental coding, and populate a note field. The note field is intended to support the business purpose of the charge.
  • Original receipts for all charges must be scanned and uploaded. Non-local travel approval documentation must be uploaded once per transaction envelope.
  • Once complete, cardholders will submit their report for approval.
  • The approver/supervisor has the ability to resubmit any questionable charges to the cardholder for appropriate support or coding.
  • Cardholders are encouraged to complete the coding and uploading of receipts by the 10thof the month for all charges that occurred in the previous month.
  • Managers are encouraged to approve all expenses and coding by the 20th of each month.
  • Failure to complete the process within sixty days of the statement date will result in permanent revocation of the credit card, as stated on the Card Holder Acceptance document.

Policy Review completed 7-2018.


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