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SJC Staff & Faculty Retiree Benefits

Human Resources

SJC Staff & Faculty Retiree Benefits Overview

Staff/Faculty Retiree Benefits (15 full time years of service and be of retirement age of 59 1/2):

  • Awarded an SJC Adirondack Chair upon retirement at the annual Employee Celebration
  • Retain SJC Email Address
  • Issued an SJC ID Card that Features:
    • Access to the Alfond Center & all its resources
    • Admission to Athletic Events
    • Ability to add money to be used in Pearson’s Café, Baggot Street, Brewed Awakenings and the Campus Store
    • Utilize all of the resources at the Wellehan Library
  • Continue current SJC medical insurance by purchasing it (at full group cost) up to age 65, then eligible for Medicare

Professor Emeritus Benefits (as noted in the Faculty Handbook)

  1. The College will provide meeting facilities for such former faculty members who may wish to meet as a group.
  2. After retirement, a faculty member may exchange his or her SJC Employee Identification Card for an SJC Emeritus Employee Card at the IT Help Desk. This card will provide (subject to the current policies, restrictions and fees applicable to full-time faculty) access to Saint Joseph’s College recreational and athletic facilities, Library, Bookstore, campus parking permits, and its cultural, athletic, and educational events.
  3. Such a faculty member may take any course(s) at the College tuition free.
  4. The Office of Institution Advancement – Alumni, at the request of an emeritus faculty member and provided that this person keeps his or her current address on file, will assure that notices of major campus activities are sent to the emeritus faculty member.
  5. Emeritus faculty members may attend the Faculty Senate meetings and the meetings and other activities of their former department. However, only those who have active faculty status by current appointment may vote in these meetings and only in accordance with the voting rights attendant to the status they hold.
  6. All emeritus faculty members may participate in the College’s graduation and Commencement exercises with appropriate academic dress if they so wish. They will also be invited to social functions, receptions, etc.
  7. The emeritus faculty members may make use of the faculty and/or departmental secretarial services on a low priority basis.
  8. The emeritus faculty will retain full use of the college library and all of its services without charge for professional use, including photocopying, interlibrary loan, use of library search engines, etc. i. The emeritus faculty will be permitted to continue to use college e-mail and college Internet services and retain/develop web pages on the College’s server for professional purposes.
  9. The emeritus faculty will have access to office space when and if available while working on campus.
  10. They will receive the same discount offered to current faculty in the dining hall and college bookstore and retain free use of the exercise facilities in the Alfond Center.
  11. The emeritus faculty will be permitted to use departmental stationery and the college mail service for professional purposes only.
  12. Such faculty will be permitted to apply for non-college grants through the college’s office of Institutional Advancement.
  13. Emeritus faculty will be allowed to park their cars in the lots assigned to active faculty on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  14. All such faculty will be allowed to use departmental phones for professional purposes while on campus.

Gradual Retirement Program – Faculty with 15 years in higher education and 10 years at Saint Joseph’s College (see Faculty Handbook for exact details of options)

Retired Sisters of Mercy – past age 65 with 5 years of full time service – retiree medical, dental and vision benefit for life

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